Presenter: Scott Martin


This is a test meeting to see how the zoom meetings integrate into the website.

Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture.[nb 1] Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical period or place of origin.[4]

An important distinction is to be drawn between the contexts of theatrical and participatory dance,[5] although these two categories are not always completely separate; both may have special functions, whether social, ceremonial, competitive, erotic, martial, or sacred/liturgical. Other forms of human movement are sometimes said to have a dance-like quality, including martial arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, figure skating, synchronized swimming, marching bands, and many other forms of athletics.



Topic: Test Meeting for Conference
Hosted By: WDA Americas
Start: Sunday Aug 30, 2020 09:30 AM
Duration: 40
Timezone: America/Chicago

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