Workshop: See-Hear-Touch: Amplified Improvisation with Martheya Nygaard & Yea Jean Choi

Martheya Nygaard & YeaJean Choi
Co-creators, kNOwBOX

In this master-class, participants will experiment with generating unique movement vocabulary through the sensing method improvisational score. The sensing method is an improvisational score where one engages visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and kinesthetic (touching) senses to investigate and amplify spatial potential. We define spatial potential as the interaction that occurs between the environment and the participant. Participants see-hear-touch the architecture and elements of the environment. For example, participants will feel, rub, smell, lick, make a sound, and amplify the space and the elements within, as their improvisation. Our goal is to challenge participants’ perception of what dance can be and offer new possibilities of generating movement. Part I: Solo body exploring the sensing method. Part II: Small group exploring the sensing method. Part III: Large group exploring the sensing method. We end the master-class with an open jam for all participants to interact with the sensing method in an open environment. Participants with leave the master-class with a unique improvisational score that engages their visual, auditory, and kinethesthetic senses to amplify their environment and expand their creative mind. All levels of movers are welcome! No tech requirements.

As co-creators YeaJean Choi and Martheya Nygaard strive to say NO to the BOX. The box symbolizes the boundaries and confines that limit connections. The mission of kNOwBOX dance is to connect interdisciplinary art, technology, and artists to re-envision the process of art making and sharing. We pursue experimental production and collaboration with other artists in order to create, discuss and advocate for art. The vision of kNOwBOX dance is to use the digital space and alternative formats to collaborate and archive. In this company, we facilitate a multiplicity of possibilities of viewing and perceiving art.

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