Workshop: Restorative Bodywork with Jeff Wallace

This workshop is intended to give a respite to your working body. We will be working in a guided, focused and safe environment – individually or with partners- utilizing fascial release techniques, traeger technique, and release technique to find increased ease and connection in our bodies. Please wear comfortable movement clothing and bring an extra layer for warmth. No previous experience is required

Jeff Wallace is based in Lafayette, Indiana, USA and has been accumulating experiences through movement teaching and performance for over 30 years. His primary influences are Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Physical Theater, his past career in neuropsychology, and his autistic son.  He has taught Dance and Movement for Actors at numerous colleges, universities and movement festivals, and has performed and taught on 5 continents and in 13 countries. Jeff ‘s performance credits include the US premiere of Tino Segal’s installation of Kiss at Chicago’s MCA, the development and premiere of Adam Noble’s physical theater work Terminus, the premiere of Karl P Henning’s concert work Ambiguous Strategies – Composition for clarinets, violins, percussion and dancer, and Sally Wallace’s Tides and Solitude at the Kennedy Center. He has performed numerous other choreographic and improvisational dance works in venues including the Kennedy Center, the Dora Stratou Theatre in Athens, Club M and the Morishita Studios in Tokyo,  the National Opera House in Guatemala, and The Mermaid Art Centre in County Wicklow.  He co-curated the dance component of Dublin’s 2015 First Fortnight Festival, and has acted as movement coach and creative collaborator for many professional theatre and dance productions.

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