Music perfromed by Mariachi Tapatio de El Paso

Mariachi Tapatio was founded in 2006 in El Paso, Texas by a group of mariachi musicians with a common appreciation for the music of their culture. Their desire was to take stages near and far sharing their music while expressing technicality in their playing of the many styles of music which mariachi encompasses.

Since this journey began they have been a part of many mariachi conferences throughout the United States and have received several honors in the process. Mariachi Tapatio was awarded as a showcase mariachi for several years here in Las Cruces and was also named the Sweepstakes winner of the Albuquerque Mariachi Spectacular two years in a row. Through these opportunities, they have been fortunate to share the stage with many mariachi icons.

Mariachi Tapatio continues to be recognized by many and has had the honor of sharing the stage and accompanying many artists to include Maria Elena Leal (daughter of the late Lola Beltran), Rafael Palomar, Pedro Infante Jr., Cristian Castro, Lorenzo Mendez, Susie Garcia (Esa Guerita), Espinoza Paz, Jenni Rivera, Ezequiel Peña and most recently shared the stage with the great Juan Gabriel in Cd. Juarez.

Through all their experiences Mariachi Tapatio hopes to share their music with many audiences throughout the world and continue to strive to set a new standard in mariachi music.

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