Friday – February 15th, 2019
5:15 p.m. @ Studio


Company: Interlace Dance Company
Choreographer: Kristal Nance
Performers: Elizabeth Coclasure, Brianna Hawkins, Omaira Mijares, Stephanie Rangel, Rebecca Vargas, Marcela Zacarias
Music: Mombasa- Hans Zimmer, This Delicate Place- Silver Maple

Artist’s Statement: This work is the choreographers perception of what is inside an ADHD child’s mind. Through research and personal experience “Inside” will introduce the intensity, sensitivity and complexity of child’s mind.

Interlace Dance Company is made up of dancers throughout the El Paso and Las Cruces community. Each dancer is involved with different local projects including border outreach, elementary school dance inclusions and choreographers. We pride ourselves in sharing our visions with each other through dance and movement.

Dar a Luz y Censura

Choreographer: Bonnie Cox with contributions from Taylor King
Performers: Bonnie Cox and Taylor King
Music: ILE and Calle 13, and a sound collage with excerpts from works by Nico Muhly, ILE, Sigur Ros and Pesado.

Artist’s Statement: Chicana dance artist Bonnie Cox presents Dar a Luz and Censura, two dance pieces that evoke the ceaseless violence and sexualization of women in a bordered space, and investigate a Mexicana body in relation to surveillance and colonial power. The fear and hate-based rhetoric directed toward Mexicans and Chicanas, is performed and reimagined in a bordered space through evocative contemporary dance aesthetics.

Bonnie Cox received her MFA in Dance from The University of Colorado Boulder in Spring 2018. She is currently an artist-in-residence with Lux Boreal Compañía de Danza in Tijuana, Mexico where she is creating a bi-nationally generated dance piece that will be performed on the U.S./Mexico border. Bonnie combines dance, performance studies, women and gender studies, and ethnic studies to explore identity and other social phenomena in performance. Her scholarly work has been published in the Chiricú Journal of Latina/o Literatures, Arts and Cultures. Bonnie received her BFA in dance from Texas State University in 2011. Before attending graduate school Bonnie lived in Austin, Texas where she performed with various dance companies and taught ballet, modern and contemporary dance. Her 2013 production, Silence to Power: Dance as a Response to Trauma, was nominated from an Austin Critics Table Award.

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