Class: Full Action with José Angel Cuevas Machorro

This class focuses on the effective application of acrobatic elements and floor work using a hybridization between different movement techniques such as contemporary dance, martial arts and street dance, looking for a three-dimensional body that moves smoothly into space, flow and body awareness, generating research on the management of impulses, body connections and dynamic alignments while conducting technical, physical and creative training.

Dancer, choreographer and teacher graduated from the Dance Degree at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla. José Angel Cuevas Machorro began his dance career at the age of 18, having already a background in movement techniques such as martial arts, later on he was immersed in urban culture where he learned break dance and other branches of street dance. He has participated in different festivals presenting works of his own, teaching workshops and as an interpreter in different pieces. Today he is the director of the interdisciplinary group So Def Nation. His work “Fragmentos de memoria” was one of the selected ones within the Creadores Poblanos call, within the framework of the fifth edition of the Festival Angelopolitano de Danza Puebla 2016, he received during 2017-2018 a scholarship from the Program to Stimulate the Creation and Artistic Development of Puebla

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