Class: Alexander Technique with Julie Rothschild

Julie Rothschild, Colorado, USA
Founding member of Chicken Bank Collective

In this Alexander Technique Workshop, we will begin by observing ourselves in order to cultivate an increased awareness of how we do what we do.  As we study ourselves performing ordinary activities such as standing, walking, sitting, breathing and speaking, we will practice the art of undoing, of releasing unnecessary tension in the body and in our thinking. In this practice, we are able to find a renewed source of energy, balance, ease and expression. 

A curious and devoted student of the Alexander Technique since 1993, I received my Alexander Technique Teaching Certification from Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies, under the guidance of Robin Gilmore and Marsha Paludan, and additional certification from Alexander Technique International in 2007. I began studying AT after numerous knee surgeries left me in a rather precarious position.  As a dancer and an athlete, I was accustomed to pushing through pain and ignoring the messages my body was trying to tell me.  Alexander Technique showed up at the moment that I was ready to listen and bring a new awareness to how I was moving. I have studied, and continue to study with numerous master teachers throughout the world. A professional dancer and choreographer since 1991, I teach, create and perform both locally and internationally. In 2017 and 2018, I was a guest teacher at the Barstow Summer Alexander Technique Workshop in Lincoln, Nebraska. I also served as a guest teacher at Inter-Mountain Alexander Training in Spokane, Washington. I have worked as an adjunct instructor and guest artist in the College of Music at University of Colorado Boulder; the School of Music, Theatre and Dance at Colorado State University; the Department of Theater and Dance at Emory University and the Department of Dance at University of Georgia. For the last 10 years, I have presented Dance and Alexander Technique workshops at Foro Performática in Puebla, Mexico. I have also offered workshops blending Dance and Alexander Technique at International conferences in Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and Canada, and most recently presented a workshop on Fitness and the Alexander Technique at the International Alexander Technique Congress in Chicago. I am a founding member of Chicken Bank Collective, a collective of dance and video artists from México and the US. An avid outdoorswoman, certified Nordic ski instructor and personal trainer, I love having the Rocky Mountains as neighbors. I am the owner and director of FloorSpaceStudio in Boulder, CO, where I offer private instruction in Alexander Technique, and group movement and fitness classes for women.  JulieRothschildMovement   FloorSpaceStudio


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