Thank you for your donation!

We thank you for supporting our community and organization!  You now have added benefits including:

  • Ability to submit proposals for consideration in WDA presentations & projects.
  • Discounts on WDAA events as a participant or performer.
  • Access to annual WDAA Regional and WDA Global Assemblies with opportunities to perform, collaborate, enjoy master-classes, and share scholarly research with participants from around the world.
  • Membership exchange privileges to other WDA regions and Global WDA services and activities.
  • International networking opportunities and benefits through affiliations with WDA Partners.

If your donation level includes any of the benefits below, please submit a ticket through our Contact Page with the following info:

  • Free WDAA Tee Shirt: Just let us know you wish to receive the free tee and we will send you a coupon code and link to access the system where you can indicate your size and shipping address.
  • Webhosting: Let us know who is the main contact for the site implementation, phone number, and name of the site.  We will create a hosting panel and send you instructions on how to access it.  Remember that the Domain name purchase is not included.

You should receive an email receipt of your contribution directly from PayPal.  Please retain a copy of this email for donation/tax write-off purposes.