Spammers/Spambots – Beware!

WDAA Community,

When we made our online community a free membership platform, we unfortunately noted a sudden increase in the number of real-people spammers and spambots that tried to create accounts. These people and programs create accounts in an attempt to post spam to forums, email spam to real members, or harvest personal information publically displayed on a website. We apologize if you received any spam messages from fake accounts on our system.

We have done our best to ensure the integrity of our site to protect our members by implementing several new features:

  1. All new member profiles will now be reviewed and approved manually before they will be able to access our site and communication tools.
  2. Logged-in members can report inappropriate behavior on the site by visiting the offending member’s profile and clicking the “Report” button.
  3. Our system does not share or display the email address of our members. Rather, the system emails any messages or notification to you behind the scenes.
  4. Members can select and control what information in their profile is displayed publically, to their connections, or not at all.
  5. Security software has been upgraded to tracks and block known spambot IP addresses while simultaneously protecting our site from hacking.

As with any online social network, managing spam can be a challenge. We hope that these features will assist in limiting spam on our site and encourage you to notify us of any spam abusers with the “Report” tool.

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