Sustaining Donation Options

All donors are able to submit proposals for presentation consideration in WDA-Americas events and projects.  In addition, donors receive the below discounts and benefits!

WDAA Sustaining Activist
12 payments of US$8.33 / Month
25% Discount on live events.
75% Discount on virtual events.
1 Free WDAA Assembly concert ticket.
WDAA Advocate Sustaining
12 payments of US$12.50 / Month
Most Popular!
30% Discount on live events.
100% Discount on virtual events.
2 Free WDAA Assembly concert tickets.
Free WDA-Americas tee shirt.
WDAA Sustaining Champion
12 payments of US$16.67 / Month
40% Discount on live events.
100% discount on virtual events.
All-inclusive Special Events Pass at WDAA Assemblies.
Free WDA-Americas tee shirt.