Conference & Festival Assembly Registration

Any WDA-Americas member can register to attend the many activities and presentations! Joining is easy, just click the “Sign up” on any page and make sure you “Sign in” before trying to register.

All presenters involved in accepted proposals who intend to be part of the virtual live presentation are required to individually register for the Conference & Festival Assembly, both to present and attend other presentations. Non-donor presenters who only submitted the proposal application fee must pay the “General” registration fee.

Historically, in-person WDA-Americas conference registration fees have averaged between $250-$350 per individual. Given this is a virtual conference, we are able to offer registration at a reduced rate of $100. Members who have made a donation in the past year will receive an additional registration discount! Members can make a donation prior to submitting a proposal or registering for the event to receive a discount! If you would like to register a group of more than 5 participants, please Contact Us to discuss group discount options.

WDA-Americas is a not-for-profit, member-driven organization. All donations and registration fees are utilized in the administration of the organization’s events, activities, and ongoing administrative support. If you have any questions or experience challenges registering, please reach out via our contact us webpage.

Students can register for $20 by completing the following steps:

Students must be under the age of 25 and enrolled in an education or dance program.

  1. Sign up and Sign in.
  2. Make your $20 Student Donation.
  3. Submit a ticket requesting to attend the Conference & Festival Assembly and attach a copy of your Student ID showing the current semester/term or proof of enrollment.  We will add you as an attendee!

Financial Hardship

Registered members who are experiencing financial hardship can submit a letter explaining their situation via our ticket system and the committee will consider a discount or waiver. Discounts or waivers may include a trade for services related to supporting the virtual conference.

Logged-in members can register by selecting the rate below based on their current donor level!

US$100 for 6 Months
US$70 for 6 Months
30% discount
US$50 for 6 Months
50% discount
US$25 for 6 Months
75% discount
Free for 6 Months
100% discount
Free for 6 Months
100% discount