Performance: Where the breeze is gentle

Friday, April 23 @ 6:00 pm CST
Wednesday. April 28 @ 6:00 pm CST

Choreographer/Director: Sonia St-Michel
Film Director: Sangeeta Raju
Company: Sonia St-Michel Creations
Performers: Sonia St-Michel
Music: The composition is public. The poetry was composed by Jayadeva in the 1200 century. Musical Arrangement by Jonathan Voyer. Sonia St-Michel owns the rights for the music arrangement as it was commissioned for the dance video.
Cinematography: David López Subdíaz
Camera: Marie-Laure Turmel & David López Subdíaz
Editor: Hugo López Subdíaz
Sound design and mix: Jonathan Voyer
Voices: Jonathan Voyer & Sonia St-Michel

“Where the breeze is gentle” is a dance film based on the Gitagovinda of Jayadeva, a sanskrit poem about the union, separation and reunion of Lord Krsna and Radha. It was also inspired by Guru Mayadhar Raut’s choreography Rati Sukasare part of the Odissi dance repertoire. Odissi originated in Odisha, India, and is now practiced internationally. Dance, both for the dancer and observer, is a means of exploring our physical and conscious bodies as humans. The love story evokes not only the sentiments of earthly love between man and woman, it also represents a yearning towards collective consciousness among all living things on the planet.  At a time when humans have become removed from the natural environment this is a reminder of when we were part of it. The medium supports this message. In Jayadeva’s poetry the characters are intimately connected to their environment: “ Where the wind is gentle, on the banks of the Yamuna, he, the one who wears a forest garland, dwells in the forest”.

Inspired by “Rati Sukha sāre” choreography of Guru Mayadhar Raut and Poetry of Jayadeva, Gita Govinda

The film was directed by Sangeeta Raju. Artistic direction of the project was shared by Sonia St-Michel and Sangeeta Raju. It was inspired by Guru Mayadhar Raut’s choreography Rati Sukasare which was adapted for film by Sonia St-Michel. Sangeeta Raju is an emerging Odissi dancer and multimedia artist.  She completed a Bachelor in Information Technology specializing in Interactive Multimedia and Design. She seeks to push the boundaries separating a performing artist from a visual artist from a technologist in order to create multi sensory experiences for both the artists involved and the audience. Sonia St-Michel is a dancer, choreographer and artistic director of Sonia St- Michel Creations. She trained in Odissi dance in India with Aloka Panikar and Sujata Mohapatra. Her work has been presented in theatres, festivals and art galleries in Canada, India, US and Mexico. Committed to promoting arts education she teaches Odissi dance and offers school workshops across Canada.

Founded in 2020, Sonia St-Michel Creations is dedicated to artistic research, creation and dissemination.  Our work draws from dance, intersecting performance, choreography and installation, fostering collaborations across diverse mediums and artistic practices.  Our work is a catalyst for exploring ways to remember our relationship to earth and the sacred, and to bring it closer to everyday consciousness. Artistic director Sonia St-Michel creates contemplative and enveloping works slowly unfolding layers of subtlety and depth. Committing to processes that engage in a dialogue with varied artistic forms and structures of creation and representation, her approach pays attention to detail, subtle energies and interiority.  At the heart of her practice is an ever-renewed dialogue between traditional Odissi repertoire, which she performs and teaches, and the ongoing creation of contemporary works. Sangeeta Raju is a mentee of Sonia St-Michel and a company member.

Marie-Laure Turmel shooting Where the breeze is gentle. Photographer: Sangeeta Raju.

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