Performance: Wander Dawdle

Tuesday, April 27 @ 6:00 pm CST 
Thursday, April 29 @ 5:00 pm CST

Choreographer: Anne Burnidge
Company: Anne Burnidge Dance
Performers: Elyssa Bourke, Stefani Foraker, Nancy Hughes, Rachel Keane, Michaela Neild
Lighting & Scenography: Carlie Todoro-Rickus
Costumes: Collin Ranney
Sound: Eric Burlingame
Music: Enotrope by Micheal Wall

Artist’s Statement: Wander Dawdle is an excerpt from a full-length collaborative dance project, Balancing Act. This project was choreographed and developed by Anne Burnidge Dance and evolved from embodied investigation of the human microbiome. 17 performances were held at the local science museum, investigating the microscopic landscape of the human body and themes of symbiosis, diversity, balance, and resistance. Wander Dawdle is specifically about the processes, interactions, and communication in the gut microbiome.  It is a non-linear peek into the microscopic world of organisms that live in, on, and with us and that help us regulate our bodily functions. The dance makes visible facets of the vital partnership and symbiotic relationships between microbes and humans and reveals implications for social structures and environmental interdependency. This three-year project was supported by the University at Buffalo Genome, Environment, and Microbiome Community of Excellence.

Anne Burnidge is the artistic director of Anne Burnidge Dance and Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University at Buffalo. She teaches somatically based dance technique, dancemaking, anatomy/kinesiology, and Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis and specializes in integrating dance science and somatics to develop healthy, holistic training practices. Her interest in the connections between embodied practices, nature, and science has led her to create works inspired by chaos theory, cell membranes, fluid dynamics, endangered species, and the human microbiome. She regularly presents at IADMS and NDEO. Her choreography has been presented at national and international venues including Performatica (Mexico), WDA/daCi World Dance Summit (Taiwan), Toronto International Dance Festival, American Dance Guild Festival, and CoolNY. Burnidge has also performed in works by dance luminaries Meredith Monk, Jacques D’Amboise, Maguy Marin, and Bebe Miller.

Anne Burnidge Dance was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating and presenting work that explores the complex and sensitive nature of human relationships through kinetically driven movement. The company is dedicated to investigating the phenomenon and experience of live performance and the mutable nature of the performer/artist on stage. Collaboration is at the heart of the company with each performer being an integral part of the creative process.

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