Partnership Application

Any dance organization may apply to become an affiliated organization of WDA if it pursues similar goals.

Affiliate Benefits:

  • Notice of all publications, events, and programs of WDA and its regional and network activities through its website and social communication networks including regional newsletters
  • Inclusion of WDA logo on official documentation with the byline: “Affiliated with the World Dance Alliance”
  • Able to apply for WDA endorsement of events and publications
  • Mutual sharing of information in both organizations’ communications
  • Linking each other’s organization on official websites


  • Promote WDA events, publications and website within the affiliate member’s communications. This service will be reciprocated by WDA
  • Linking to each others’ websites
  • Abide by the philosophy and goals of WDA

Bi-Annual Review:

Affiliation with WDA will be reviewed bi-annually. An affiliated organization is required to submit a report to  WDA by September 1st every two years or such other time as determined by the WDA Executive Co.

The following information should be included in the report:

  1. Name of organization and total number of current members
  2. Name of one or more WDA members within the organization
  3. Name and address of secretary or corresponding officer of the organization
  4. List of executive board/committee members
  5. Copy of current constitution and/or approved policy and procedures
  6. Brief description of activities, conferences and/or publications in the preceding year

Upon receipt, WDA will confirm ongoing affiliation following the next meeting of the Global Executive. Failure to comply will result in withdrawing the affiliation agreement.

(for an organization applying to affiliate with WDA or seeking to continue affiliation)

Please provide the following information:

  1. Name of organization
  2. Type of organization
  3. Names and addresses (including email) of at least one WDA member within the organization wishing to affiliate
  4. Attach a description of the organization with statements that detail:
    • aims of the organization (or constitution)
    • when your organization was founded
    • number of members in your organization and categories of membership with subscription rates (if applicable)
    • website address for your organization
    • structure of the organization including procedures for the election of officers and duration of terms of office
    • list of Executive Officers and Board/Council members including contact for the secretary/corresponding executive officers
    • a short description of activities, conferences, publications, or other events of your organization

For Regional Organizations, please send your application to: WDA-Americas President at

For International Organizations, please send your application to: WDA Secretary General at


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