Minutes for May 25, 2014 Board Meeting

Minutes for May 25, 2014 Board Meeting


Board of Directors & Current Administrative Leadership

Online via SKYPE

Sunday May 25, 2014

12:00 – 3:00 pm EST



In Attendance:

Linda Caldwell, Zihao Li, Catherine Limbertie, Scott Martin, Lourdes Pelaez, Jin-Wen Yu, Mary Jane Warner

A. Welcome and Introduction of new members

Both Lourdes Pelaez (Mexico) and Catherine Limbertie (Canada) were welcomed to the Board. Lourdes is joining the Research and Documentation Network as co-chair; Catherine was appointed by Mary Jane because of her knowledge/connections with the international folk dance community.

B. Approval of the Agenda

Motion: To approve the Agenda. Moved: Scott Martin; Seconded: Zihao Li

C. Approval of Minutes of December 8, 2013, and corrections to Notes of March 23, 2014

At the beginning of the meeting there was no quorum, so the December 8, 2013 minutes could not be approved. To facilitate approval the following motion was made.

Motion:  Board members present at the December 8, 2013 meeting are asked to go to the December 8 minutes on the website and indicate that they approve by adding their name and approval at the bottom of the minutes. Moved: Jin-Wen Yu; Seconded: Zihao Li

Mary Jane will remove the word draft from the online minutes and send an email to those present at the December 8 meeting to request that they approve the minutes online. Members present at the March 23 informal meeting (for lack of quorum) are requested to review the notes and make any corrections. ACTION


D. Actions arising from the Minutes and Notes

Mary Jane Warner:

Mary Jane contacted Jin-Wen to request that he send hard copies of the important archival materials by ground transportation to Scott. Jin-Wen has consolidated the materials into 6 boxes. He will send them to Linda Caldwell’s address where Scott will pick them up. ACTION

Catherine Limbertie, new board member, contacted her colleagues in Mexico about the possibility of hosting a Regional Assembly in Zacatecas Mexico; however, it is not possible because they are running a large international festival there in summer 2015.

Mary Jane has drafted the letter to send via email reminding/encouraging past members to rejoin.

Mary Jane contacted Audrey Ross, treasurer and publicist, based in New York, about posting events on our website. She has sent numerous items to Mary Jane recently. Scott reviewed the procedure for adding events for those of us on skype. Scott suggested that Audrey be encouraged to post events herself but only those with broad appeal, not small local events. ACTION

Scott Martin:

Scott has updated the website with our revised membership rates. Mary Jane will resend the statement to him about contacting the President in cases of financial hardship to post under membership. ACTION

Scott has revised the documents on hosting assemblies and posted on our website so we can make additions/corrections before making the document available publicly. Members will be invited to volunteer to host an assembly.

Scott contacted the Boston Dance Centre about using their facilities for an Assembly, but the space is not available to rent.

Alba Vieira:

Contacted her colleagues in Rio de Janeiro about the possibility of hosting a regional assembly in 2015 but not possible.

E. Updating WDA-Americas Bylaws

Scott showed board members where our bylaws are located on the website. Mary Jane and Scott will draft revisions and then board members will be asked to review the online document and make suggestions before they are voted on. ACTION

F. Elections and responsibilities of officials

Motion: new board will be elected as of January 1 to coincide with the beginning of the fiscal year. Moved: Scott Martin; Seconded: Jin-Wen Yu.

Materials need to be prepared in early fall to send to members requesting nominations. Voting should be completed by late November so newly elected board members have time to plan. There should be a skype board meeting around January 15 to transition to the new board.

G. Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Scott showed us where the information on potential internships/volunteer opportunities is located on the website. Internships must be educational to meet regulations, since we can’t afford to pay them a wage; however, we can offer Interns benefits such as free registration and accommodation at the next Regional Assembly.

Linda suggested contacting a person at TCU who is responsible for internships there for potential assistance. ACTION

Board Members Tasks:

Because we don’t have a paid administrative assistant, board members need to pick up some of the work. Mary Jane and Scott will develop a list of tasks to be done. Certain tasks may be suited to a particular network, or an appropriate board member could take on a task. We need to be much clearer that being a board member comes with the expectation that the individual will take on certain tasks. ACTION

The following tasks were distributed:

Bylaws: Scott and Mary Jane will work on updating.  ACTION

Elections: Jin Wen and Mary Jane will update election materials. ACTION

Internships: Linda, Lourdes and Mary Jane will work on refining internships. ACTION

Membership: Zihao will help Scott with contacting past members to rejoin; Catherine to help with developing new contacts. ACTION

H. Membership Report

Scott noted that membership traditionally drops off in years when there is no Regional Assembly.

I. Financial Report

Scott presented the draft financial report that will be submitted to the IRS. Currently we have $11000 in the bank. In the past he has maintained the website free of charge but with the move to a new provider we have to pay for the improved service. We will reimburse Scott for expenses related to the internet provider.


J. Video Performances

There was considerable interest in developing a video performance initiative but some concern that people can easily post their materials online for free so there needs to be an incentive for people to join WDA to post their video performance.

Some possible ideas were:

-Do as a competition with prizes such as free registration at next Assembly

-Jury that represents diversity of styles and cultures

-Begin in Americas and could expand as a global project later

-Task for the creation and performance network but they don’t seem to be active currently, but

Zihao is willing to work on this project.

We have a number of tasks to complete and the summer months are not a good time to initiate a new project that involves members. We will return to this idea in the fall.

K. 2014 Global Summit

Jin-Wen brought up several questions:

Number of board members attending – at least 5

Number of Americas members attending – Mary Jane will contact Cheryl Stock to request a list of Americas registrants ACTION

Who will represent Americas at Global Executive – Mary Jane and Jin-Wen will attend. Since Hazel Franco can’t attend she needs to be replaced. Mary Jane will contact Cheryl to request that Linda Caldwell attend the Global Executive Meeting and that we attempt to skype with Scott because of his pivotal role in the organization. ACTION

L. Potential Assembly sites and hosts

Gregory Vernon, Director of the Institute of Creative Arts in Belize City may be willing to host a Regional Assembly in summer 2015. He is currently on vacation but is interested in exploring the possibility further. Mary Jane will contact him again if she does not hear from him in a couple of weeks. Scott will also check out potential locations in San Francisco as a backup. ACTION

We also need to identify the 2016 Global Site as soon as possible. Lourdes volunteered to check with various contacts in Mexico about potential locations. ACTION

M. International Dance Day

Jin-Wen noted that the next artist selected by UNESCO for the occasion should be from the Americas. He suggested that our members be invited to suggest potential names. In the past ITI has consulted with WDA but Mary Jane is not aware of any communication this year. It is not appropriate to invite our membership to make suggestions unless ITI is actually going to consult with us on the decision. Mary Jane will contact Marcia de la Garza about our role in the decision-making.ACTION

M. Adjournment

The meeting was a adjourned at 3:03 PM

Next meeting by Skype is scheduled for Sunday June 29, 12 to. 3 pm EST



Mary Jane Warner:

-Remove word draft from Dec 8 Minutes and email attendees at the meeting on Dec 8 to approve online

-Contact Audrey Ross to post events on line that have wide interest only

-Jin-Wen and Mary Jane will update election materials

-Mary Jane and Scott to revise Bylaws before Board members are asked to review and approve them

-Resend statement to Scott about contacting the President in cases of financial hardship to post

-Mary Jane will contact Marcia de la Garza about our role in the decision making for the International Dance Day artist

Jin-Wen Yu:

-Send 6 boxes of archival materials to Linda Caldwell

-Jin Wen and Mary Jane will update election materials

Scott Martin:

-Post statement under membership fees about contacting the President in cases of financial hardship

-Mary Jane and Scott to revise Bylaws before Board members are asked to review and approve them

Linda Caldwell:

– contact person at TCU who is responsible for internships there for potential assistance

Lourdes Pelaez:

-contact colleagues in Mexico about hosting the 2016 Global Assembly

Zihao Li:

-help Scott with contacting past members to rejoin

Scott will send Zihao a list, indicating members whose membership are to expire or expired. Then, an email will be sent out reminding them to renew.

Catherine Limbertie:

-identify potential organizations and individuals who might be interested in membership

Linda, Lourdes and Mary Jane will work on refining internships

Participants in December 8 Board Meeting to approve the Minutes by noting their approval at the bottom of the minutes online


I, Zihao Li approve this meeting minutes