Board Meeting Minutes – September 28, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes – September 28, 2019

World Dance Alliance – Americas
Board Meeting
September 29, 2019

Via Skype

9:00 am – 11:30 am CST


Attendance: Jilissa Cotton , Tanya Evidente , Cristina Goletti, Catherine Limbertie, Scott Martin, Julie Mulvihill, Mary Jane Warner


  • This year’s WDAA conference in El Passo was very successful. UTEP absorbed all costs associated with space and tech. Financially WDAA broke even.
  • Digital Dance presentation went well at the conference. We should investigate the possibility of collaborating a conference with a dance film-based event.
  • To maintain the conference size and keep costs down for participants, we need to partner with other organizations who can donate services.
  • We need to start thinking in advance of the next conference in 2021. There was talk about partnering with Canadian Choreographers Conference or Caribbean Dance Artists Conference. Please begin reaching out and investigating options. (Action: All)

WDA Global

  • There has been little to no communication from the General Executive Committee (GEB) on the current vision or direction of the global organization. When communication is sent it is suddenly an “urgent” matter usually in a directive format with no discussion on impact to our region. This has led to some tension between WDAA and the Global organization.
  • WDAA does not believe that having a GEB meeting should only be occurring every other year at a global Conference. We can meet via videoconference easily on a more regular basis. Emails are also asynchronous and lead to misunderstandings.
  • Culturally, WDAAP works on a more fluid/ last-minute timetable and has more funding. WDA is their main dance organization.
  • Goletti is working through the political climate attempting to ensure a collaborative vision and establish an ongoing dialogue. (Action: Goletti)
  • WDAAP expressed a desire for WDAA to be present in the WDAAP conference in Bangladesh at the last minute and also for a GEB meeting. This is unrealistic due to last-minute requests and funding constraints.
  • This year’s Global Summit was going to be in Taiwan. It was changed by WDA Secretary General and WDAAP to May in Hong Kong without a discussion with WDAA. No invitations for participation have been sent out to membership yet. There are concerns that WDAA will not be able to attend due to current political instability and demonstrations in the region.
  • WDAA will write a letter to the GEB requesting they re-evaluate and consider postponing the Global Summit a year and move to a safe location so we can participate. (Action: Goletti)
  • Summits should be planned several years in advance. WDAA will produce the next one. We need to start planning now. (Action: All)
  • European WDA region is still not reformed after its collapse several years ago.
  • WDAA would like copies of the Global GEB Bylaws. (Action: Goletti)


  • EDB wanted to add JEDS to Global Website. Martin reminded them that it needs to be a stand-alone platform to maintain the ISSN number. Martin will work with WDAAP to ensure the integrity of the journal, coordinate editors, and upgrade the website. (Action: Martin)


  • The conference is the main driving force behind membership enrollment. Membership spikes when conferences are announced and then drops.
  • The largest membership is from faculty, then independent choreographers. Low participation from students.
  • We should investigate a free membership structure with a donor drive to increase engagement on going. Donors would get discounts on activities. (Action: Martin)
  • Need to create a regular Newsletter to membership with updates and participation opportunities. It will be done after we have some decision and concise information to share. (Action: Martin)

Visioning (After Membership decision)

  • We need to develop a survey to evaluate prior conference experiences. It seems that offering opportunities to present performative work is the biggest draw. We also need to develop a larger visioning survey. (Action: Martin & All)
  • WDAA needs to review and update its Constitution and ByLaws. Has not been updated since inception. (Action: Martin & All)


  • KnowBox, an organization that is distance-based and utilizes technology to collaborate and disseminate information. They produce lots of Podcasts – could they share on the WDAA site? They are currently developing a resource for digital dance appreciation. They are interested in partnering with WDAA for outreach and development. (Action: Mulvihill & Scott)

WDAA Leadership

  • Celisse Johnson – US Citizen currently in Trinidad & Tobago considered for Board in Interim position and VP of Central Americas to fill a vacancy. Nominated by Goletti, Unanimous Approval.
  • Ilana Morga – US Citizen teaching at TWU and close colleague of Linda Caldwell considered for Board in Interim position to fill a vacancy. Nominated by Martin, Unanimous Approval.
  • New Board members to be introduced in the newsletter to the membership. Need Bios and pictures. (Action: Goletti)
  • Asana will be the current WDAA Board collaborative medium for productivity in conjunction with our website.
  • Emails from WDAA Board members should be from the server for tracking and official representation. Need to set up for all Board Members. (Action: Martin)
  • President needs a budget line item to travel to other organization events to represent WDAA. $500 per year will be budgeted. Proposed: Martin, Unanimous approval.
  • Other Board members can propose travel needs at a Board Meeting to be considered for approval via an official process. All who travel to represent WDAA need to compile a report on event and impact for WDAA. We need to create a shared online draft of a form for the process. Everyone should send an email to Martin with questions that are important. (Action: All & Martin)
  • WDAA Board needs to have regular videoconference meetings. Last Sunday of each month from 9-11 am Central time. Proposed: Martin, Unanimous Approval.