Information for Presenters

This year has truly been a learning curve for each of us and our dance community as we all have had to navigate a constantly changing and fluid environment in response to both the global pandemic and local hurdles.  Creating and planning for our first-ever virtual event has been no exception!  The WDA-Americas leadership, committees, and reviewers are all volunteers who have been investing their personal time and energy to ensure our WDA community has an opportunity to come together, share, collaborate, educate, and promote dance in all its many cultural, technical, new, and timeless forms.  We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work together in preparing for this year’s 2021 WDA-Americas Virtual Conference & Festival Assembly!

Please check this page regularly as we will be updating it with information as it both becomes available and shifts in any way.  It is definitely a living document in an improvised dance!  We also encourage presenters that complete their registration to join the 2021 WDAA Conference & Festival Presenters group where we can work together and prepare as things move forward.

Preparing for Your Presentation...

All presenters are expected to familiarize themselves with the “Download Zoom and familiarize yourself with the software“, the “Expectations & Guidelines for All Presenters“, as well as the expectations & guidelines for their type of presentation.  It is the responsibility of the presenters to regularly check this website for any changes to this information.

Please join your presentation via the “Join the Current Presentation or Concert” button on the 2021 Virtual Assembly Schedule webpage 15 minutes before the start of your session! 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the below expectations and guidelines, please submit a ticket and an assembly volunteer will get back to you when they are able.

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Steps in the Proposal Process...

We are utilizing our new and completely online proposal system to coordinate all steps of the application process including submission, review, registration, revision, scheduling, and posting of accepted proposals.  Click on the sections below for details on each step in the process. If you experience challenges at any point, please submit a ticket via our contact us webpage.

Click on the (+) sections below in for more information!

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Instructions for submitting proposals can be found on our Call for Proposals webpage! To submit a proposal for consideration, please complete the appropriate corresponding application.  Your proposal will be routed to the corresponding committee for review and consideration.  Your proposal may be returned to you via the system should the committee need additional clarification.  If you have questions as to the status/workflow step, you can review your proposal status in our online system. Once a determination is made by the corresponding committee, you will receive an email notification.  If accepted, proceed to Step 2.

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All presenters involved in accepted proposals are required to register for the Conference & Festival Assembly to present and attend other presentations.  Registration information can be found on our Conference & Festival Assembly Registration webpage.

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Once your registration has been completed, we will router your proposal back to you in the online system. At this step you will be able to make last-minute minor amendments to the information. Note that should you make changes that substantially alter the initial approved proposal, the committee reserves the right to reject the revised proposal.  If a presenter determines a minor change needs to be made to the information any time after this point, the presenter will need to submit a ticket via our contact us webpage

There will also be a new section at the end of your proposal you will need to complete so the committees can properly schedule your presentation and post presentation information to the online schedule event guide.  This will include:

Supporting Documentation & Pictures

You will be able to upload into the system a series of file (number dependent on type of proposal, but no file can be larger than 5 MB each):

  1. Supporting documentation you would like the attendees to be able to access. (i.e. a paper) Documentation must be in Word or PDF format.
  2. Pictures you would like the web team to consider utilizing to showcase your research (i.e., headshot, research in action, company shot, etc.) Images must be in jpg, gif, or png format. You must own the copyright or have permission to post the images as previously agreed to.
  3. A Word or PDF file that provides the caption information you wish displayed (i.e., name/title of photo & photographer).

Scheduling Availability

It is assumed that individuals who submit proposals to present will be available any time during the Conference & Festival Assembly period to present their work. The committee also recognizes that personal schedules are complex and presenters may have some conflicts. You will be asked to indicate days and times between April 22-29, 2021 that the presenter(s) are NOT AVAILABLE.  It is strongly encouraged presenter(s) make themselves available as much as possible to ensure that thier presentation does not conflict with the planned format and to maximize potential attendee participation.

CENTRAL TIME (CST)  will be used for all scheduling/presentation purposes. Some presentations may be grouped together with other presentations of complimentary subject matter to encourage cross-presentation dialogue (i.e., Scholarly/Emerging Scholarship Presentations). Scheduling will be coordinated so that attendees have options of presentation types to choose from and in time blocks to ensure they can move from presentation to presentation without overlap with time between for transition.

We will ask what time zone the presenter(s) will be presenting from and do our best to coordinate times to fit between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. CST (subject to change).  International virtual presenters outside the WDA-Americas regions may be required to present earlier or later than this time block.

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Once the Scheduling Committee has received a majority of responses from the presenters regarding availability, they will begin the challenging task of putting the schedule time-puzzle together.  The committee will enter scheduled presentation times into the system and the presenters will receive an email notification letting them know their presentation day/time slot.  Presenters will not be scheduled during times they indicated they were not available in Step 3. Note: If a presenter later determines a conflict with the day/time they have been assigned, the presenter will need to submit a ticket via our contact us webpage.  The Scheduling Committee will review the current schedule and do their best to reschedule the presentation, but can make no guarantee they will be able to accommodate a change request. 

The presenter(s) presentation information will then be sent to the Website Committee to post to this website and to create a videoconference event link.  Once the information has been posted to the website, presenters will receive and email with the URL to their presentation information. Note: If a presenter determines a minor change needs to be made to the information, the presenter will need to submit a ticket via our contact us webpage.