What is entailed in hosting a WDA Assemly?

Hosting a WDA Assembly is a collaborative endeavor between the host’s local establishments, community, volunteers, participants, and WDA administration to develop and present a unique series of dance events such as performances, scholarly research presentations, workshops, classes, and discussions.  Hosting a WDA Assembly is a complex yet exciting project which brings together people from diverse cultures, forms, backgrounds, and skill levels in an positive, educational, and supportive collaborative environment .  WDA-Americas has developed a series of processes and tools to streamline and facilitate the many organizational and administrative tasks required to successfully produce a WDA Assembly.  Note that Committees’ responsibilities may be shifted based upon interest in managing, volunteer availability, and skill sets.

WDA-Americas Conference Committee responsibilities (in collaboration with the Host Committee) include, but are not limited to, coordination of:

  • Budget Development
  • Collection of applications from interested presenters at an Assembly
  • Distribution of presenter’s applications for review to professionals and experts within the field for consideration
  • Schedule placement of events based upon diversity, skill level, need, availability, and Committees’ input
  • Development of marketing and event program materials
  • Processing of account’s receivable and payable

Host Committee responsibilities (in collaboration with the WDA-Americas Conference Committee) include, but are not limited to, coordination of:

  • Potential service/goods-related organizations or groups from your community who could assist by partnering in some Assembly aspect
  • Availability of venues and facility spaces
  • Volunteers during events (all events must have Host or WDA representatives present at all times)
  • Securing a portion of the lodging needs for visiting attendees and WDA Current Administrative Leadership
  • Opening and closing ceremonies demonstrating the local communities engagement with dance
  • Potential local cultural activities for visiting attendees

Each Assembly is unique and exciting for all that share in the development, coordination, and production for those that attend!


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