Hosting a WDA Assembly

Hosting a WDA Assembly event provides a number of benefits to the hosting establishment(s) and community:

  • Raises the visibility of the diverse multitude of dance forms and their importance to community culture, engagement, and education;
  • Raises the visibility and improves the reputation of the hosting establishment and community, and their service within the local, state, region, international communities, and among the dozens of dance and nonprofit organizations that also participate in a WDA Assembly event;
  • Provides the opportunity for a large number individuals from the local community to attend a WDA Assembly event and experience a unique and rewarding cross-cultural international networking opportunity;
  • Helps the hosting establishment’s representatives, local students, and community leadership who get involved in organizing and producing a WDA Assembly event gain valuable leadership skills and conference management experiences;
  • Presents the hosting establishment’s leadership and a community elected official with the opportunity to welcome and address the conference participants; and
  • Provides the hosting establishment and community the opportunity to support and advance the field of dance through community engagement, service, and education.

To determine the feasibility of hosting a WDA Assembly event, please first review the following documentation:

Top priority is consideration of applications to host the 2015 WDA-Americas Conference & Festival and the 2016 WDA Global Summit (both to be held in North, Central, or South Americas based upon current rotations.)  However, we are also open to receiving bids for Assemblies further out.

Feel free to contact us to express initial interest in exploring the possibility of hosting and Assembly or to ask questions.

Scott Martin, M.F.A.
Chief Operations Officer
(214) 460-6844 (USA)


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