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The proposal deadline has been extended to February 28, 2021.

All proposals are reviewed by volunteer professionals in the field.  

Interested individuals or groups may submit a maximum of two proposals. Priority consideration will first be given to WDA artists whose work relates to the Virtual Conference & Festival Assembly theme Ecologies of and Through the Body.

Click Here to view examples of the exciting presenters and activities of prior assembly conferences and festivals!

Applicants are encouraged to submit early as the review process and notification of accepted proposals will be ongoing, especially if they require official letters of acceptance for funding purposes. Consideration of and the announcement of all accepted proposals will be completed by the end of March 2021.

All proposals must be submitted and presentations conducted in English, unless the presenter can provide their own translator at the Conference. 

All presenters involved in accepted proposals will be required to register as an individual or as a group for the Conference & Festival Assembly to present and attend other presentations.

Proposals are not limited to or by the Conference theme, which is considered as a catalyst for discussion rather than a restraint.

Think about the following questions in guiding your presentation proposals:

What is the state of our collective body ecology? How do the ecologies of the body and the world intertwine in your work? In what ways do climate change, pollution, resource depletion, and the human disruption of animal and plant habitat inform and challenge your work as a dance artist and/or scholar? How might histories, migrations, political unrest, social and racial injustice relate to ecologies of the earth and body? As dance artists and/or scholars, how do we maneuver, orient, challenge, and make purposeful change within and through our evolving ecologies?

With these questions in mind, we urge participants to propose new possibilities for the many different modes of presenting, experiencing, producing, and teaching dance. 

To submit a proposal for consideration, please complete the appropriate corresponding application by selecting from the links below. 

Note that we are utilizing a new and completely online proposal system to coordinate all steps of the application process including submission, review, revision, scheduling, registration, and posting of accepted proposals.  If you experience challenges at any stage, please submit a ticket via our contact us webpage.

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Current Donors

There is no proposal application fee for registered members who have made a donation in the past year to WDA-Americas. Members can make a donation prior to submitting a proposalDonors also receive discounts on the conference registration fee!


Registered members who have not made a donation may submit proposals by paying a non-refundable application fee of $10 via credit card or PayPal account.  WDA-Americas does not collect or record any of you personal financial information.

If this online fee submission is problematic for you, please submit a ticket via our support system and we will send you information on alternate payment methods.

Other WDA Region Members

Members of other WDA regions can submit proposals by:

  1. Registering an account on the WDA-Americas website,
  2. Upload a letter or receipt from their region indicating they are current on their membership via our support ticket system.

Access to the online proposal system will be provided once the membership confirmation has been received and processed.

Financial Hardship

Registered members who are experiencing financial hardship can submit a letter explaining their situation via our support ticket system and the committee will consider waivers. Waivers may include trade for services related to supporting the virtual conference.

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Click Here to Submit a Performance Proposal  – Performance opportunities are open to dance artists working in a variety of genres including culturally specific styles. For our virtual Conference & Festival we are requesting that all performances be recorded for inclusion in our virtual concert series this year. We will be presenting performances in three different venues:

  • Curated Dance for Camera Concert: Appropriate for videoed choreographies and dance films created and edited specifically for the camera. Accepted works will be included as part of a curated evening online watch-party program and later posted to the website.
  • Curated Dance Concert: Appropriate for videoed choreographies presented in a traditional proscenium and/or close-up formats. Videos can be no longer than 12 minutes in length. Accepted works will be included as part of a curated evening online watch-party program and later posted to the website.
  • Archived Full-length Performance: Appropriate for videoed choreographies presented in a traditional proscenium and/or close-up format that cannot be part of the curated dance concert because they exceed the 12 minute time limit. Accepted works will be posted to the website and available for attendees to watch at any time.

Click Here to Submit a Class or Workshop Proposal – 90 minutes in length. Instructors will have the opportunity to present a focused learning experience in a virtual studio setting to participants on a subject in which they have knowledge and expertise.

Click Here toSubmit a Scholarly Research Proposal – Provides dance researchers a forum to share their scholarly research though presentation opportunities. Presentations will be chosen through blind review based on their rigor of research and how well they engage conference themes.  Presentations will be conducted via videoconference and should run no more than 20 minutes. Presentations may be grouped together by the committee with other presentations of complimentary subject matter. Each session will be followed by a short period for questions and dialogue.

Click Here to Submit an Emerging Scholarship Presentation Proposal – Scholars who have developed a strong research focus but are in the beginning processes of writing and presenting their research are encouraged to present in this format. Presenters will make a recording (no more than 7 minutes total) presenting their emerging research subject matter and any questions they are looking for feedback on. The recorded presentations may include video, images, a poster, and/or slides. This format is especially good for both emerging scholars and graduate students wanting to clarify research purpose statements and gather feedback or possible insights from other researchers. Scholars whose first language is not English may find this format useful since the key points can be placed on slides.  Recorded presentations may be grouped together by the Conference committee with other presentations of complimentary subject matter. The recorded presentations will be both posted to a website comment forum and live-streamed in a session.  Grouping of live-streamed presentations will be followed by a short period for questions and dialogue at the end of each  session.

Click Here to Submit a Panel Discussion Proposal – Groups of three or more individual presenters may propose a panel presentation of 60 minutes that will be presented via videoconference. Panelists may allocate the time as they see fit for the purposes of their panel, but a minimum of 15 minutes must be set aside for questions and answers. Panels will be chosen based on how well they engage conference themes, the rigor and relevancy of the research, and the diversity of the contributions of each presenter.