Scholarly Presentation Presenter’s Guide

Scholarly presentations provides a format for researchers to present exciting and important aspects of their research.

Expectations and Guidelines

  • Scholarly presenters will have 30 minutes each to present.
  • Scholarly presentations will be grouped together in two presentations of complimentary topic during the 90 minute session.
  • Additional time (a few minutes) will be made available for visual aids setup between presentations.
  • A question and answer session will be conducted after all presentations in a group to generate dialogue and discourse between presenters and the audience.
  • Computers and screens will be available in each classroom. However, please note that internet access will not be consistent; you must have your presentation on a flash drive for downloading into the room’s computer before your presentation begins (include at least one extra back-up flash drive).
  • Please have all your media digitally embedded in a PowerPoint presentation and have the files on your flash drive.  There is no guarantee that different computers or university rooms will be have the ability to play the numerous varying forms of video files outside of the PowerPoint software.
  • PowerPoint presentations are the recommended format for visual presentation accompaniment as the software will be already available on the computers.
  • Please bring a handout to pass out, or include in your presentation a final slide, with a list 5-7 references, APA format, supporting your research.
  • Each classroom will be set up in a standard presentation arrangement with seats available to conference goers.  Seats are not to be re-arranged without prior approval and coordination with WDA-A.

 Moderator assignments, guidelines, and responsibilities can be found here.


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