Performance Presenter’s Guide

Keeping with the theme of the Assembly, the committee considered the following questions when reviewing and placing works: How is dance affected by spaces and places? How are artists, educators, and researchers engaged in using traditional and alternative spaces and places? How might new engagements with spaces and places provide new opportunities for dance and dancers? How does space and place affect expression in dance? What changes emerge when dancing in new spaces and places?

The performers are encouraged to look upon their venue placement as an opportunity (rather than a detriment) to investigate these questions.  When the Assembly was conceptualized, the site-specific venue was intended to highlight the theme and culminate the week.  Limited space and time was allocated for traditional stage venue presentations.  Works have been placed in venues as the committee felt would best focus the Assembly theme.  Performers will need to be prepared to adjust their work to fit the venue they have been placed in.

Site-specific Venues

Remember, this conference is in Hawaii and the Assembly theme is about alternative spaces.  What an amazing opportunity to explore these outdoor venues, questions, and lenses!

  1. On the first two days of the Assembly, the choreographers and performers will have the opportunity to investigate the University campus to find a site for their performance.  It is recommended that each work select two possible locations.
  2. The choreographer will then complete a form for their preferred location(s) and make the location on a map.
  3. The sites requests will be reviewed by the committee and approval from the University will be acquired.
  4. Site-specific rehearsals will be at the discretion of the performance group.  The group will be responsible for providing their own sound accompaniment while rehearsing.  A limited number of portable battery operated boom-boxes will be available for checkout.  It is recommended that performers bring their own portable sound system for rehearsing.
  5. Each site-specific work will be performed twice in the afternoon as part of a walking tour of site-specific performances, once on Thursday (7/30) and again on Friday (7/31).  A large portable sound system will be utilized for the performances.

Works selected for Site-Specific venues:

Earle Ernst Studio Venue

Works in this venue will be presented in a studio-theater setting.

  1. Each work will receive 30 minutes of tech for spacing and run-through on Monday (7/27) afternoon.
  2. Lighting will consist of simple lights up and lights out.
  3. Each work will be performed two times, once on Monday (7/27) evening and again on Wednesday (7/29) evening.

Dimensions of the Earle Ernst Studio can be found here.

Works selected for the Earle Ernst venue:

Kennedy Theater

Works in this venue will be presented in a traditional theater setting.

  • Each work will receive 30 minutes of tech for lighting and spacing on Tuesday (7/28) afternoon.
  • Lighting will consist of 10 cues maximum.  The stage will have a house plot.  There will be no special lighting available and choreographers should be prepared to adjust their work to the standard house plot.
  • Each work will be performed once on Tuesday (7/28) evening.

Dimensions of the Kennedy Theater can be found here.

Works selected for the Kennedy Theatre venue:



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