Pechas Kucha Presenter’s Guide

Pecha Kucha provides a format for researchers to present exciting and important aspects of their research in a clear and concise manner. This format is specifically useful to researchers presenting proposals within a limited time frame to a granting institution.

If you have questions about the below Expectations and Guidelines, please contact Linda Caldwell, Chair of the Research & Documentation Network at

Expectations and Guidelines

  • You will need to create a PowerPoint template that has 20 slides (no more, no less) with each slide timed to transition to the next after 20 seconds (you will not use a mouse to change your slides). Please see the below resources for templates if needed.
  • Your entire presentation will be no longer than 6 minutes and 40 seconds (again, no more, no less).
  • Your first slide can be a title slide and your last slide should list 5-7 references, APA format, supporting your research.
  • Before you come to your scheduled presentation, you will want to have your PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive (include at least one extra back-up flash drive).
  • Computers and screens will be available in each classroom. However, please note that internet access will not be consistent; you must have your presentation on a flash drive for downloading into the room’s computer before your presentation begins.
  • There will be a 3-minute discussion period after each presenter.
  • There will be no more than 8 presentations in each 90-minute session.
  • Most importantly: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Being able to work within the timeline is important for this particular format. You cannot stop the presentation once it begins!

By adhering to these guidelines, we will be able to move smoothly from one presenter to the next in a timely fashion.


You can directly download a Powerpoint template at:

Websites for Overview and History of Pecha Kucha:

Examples of Pecha Kucha Presentations:

Links for Creative Common Images for public use if needed:


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