Panel Presentation Presenter’s Guide

Panel presentations provides a format for a group of presenters to present exciting and important aspects of their research or create a dialogue about a specific topic.

Expectations and Guidelines

  • Panel Discussions will have 90 minutes total.
  • Panelists may allocate the time as they see fit for the purposes of their panel.  It is strongly encouraged that a question and answer phase be included at the end of the panel presentation.  Any question and answer time must be included in the 90 minute allocation.
  • Computers and screens will be available in each classroom. However, please note that internet access will not be consistent; you must have your presentation on a flash drive for downloading into the room’s computer before your presentation begins (include at least one extra back-up flash drive).
  • PowerPoint presentations are the recommended format for visual presentation accompaniment as the software will be already available on the computers.
  • If you wish, please bring a handout to pass out or include in your presentation a final slide, with a list 5-7 references, APA format, supporting your research.
  • Each classroom will be set up in a standard presentation arrangement with seats available to conference goers.  Seats are not to be re-arranged without prior approval and coordination with WDA-A.


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