Master Class & Workshop Presenter’s Guide

Master Class and Workshop presentations provides a format for instructors within a specialized discipline to present a pedagogical or exploratory learning environment for participants.

Expectations and Guidelines

  • All classes and workshops are 90 minutes long.
  • All specialized equipment (mats, physio balls, etc.) must be provided by the presenter.
  • Street shoes and hard heel shoes are not allowed in the dance studios unless special arrangements are made and approved of by WDA-A and the University in writing. The only footwear permitted in the studios or stages are ballet shoes, soft soled non-marking dance shoes, or slippers.  It is ultimately the presenters responsibility to make ensure the participants adhere to this rule.  Any damage to the studios or stages will be passed on to the presenter.
  • Only water is allowed in studios and must be in a container with a seal-able lid.  No food is allowed in the studios.
  • A sound system will be available in the studios.  The system will have CD capability.  If the presenter wishes to utilize an external digital music device (iPod, computer, etc.) the presenter is responsible for bringing the device and a cord which will connect via a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack to the sound system.  All other forms of musical accompaniment formats are the responsibility of the presenter to provide, arrange, and coordinate.



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