2021 Virtual Conference & Festival Assembly

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Ecologies Of and Through the Body
April 22-29, 2021

This year we have experienced the world in the midst of a global pandemic as well as widespread civil unrest due to social and racial injustice. Earth Day (April 22, 2021) and World Dance Day (April 29, 2021) bookend our virtual conference this year and provide a fitting backdrop for considering the relationship of our various environments and the effects we have on one another as a global system. As a discipline, ecology asks people to investigate and explore the connections of organisms to each other as well as the physical surroundings. With this in mind, how might dance practice, dance works, and dance education function to enact or elicit relationships within or across ecosystems? How might the human body be a metaphor for the earth in crisis? In what ways does your work consider ecologies of and through the body?

Conference & Festival Assembly Registration Fee

Anyone can register to attend the many presentations!

All presenters involved in accepted proposals will be required to register as an individual or as a group for the Conference & Festival Assembly to present and attend other presentations.

Historically, in-person WDA-Americas conference registration fees have averaged between $250-$350 per individual. Given this is a virtual conference, we are able to offer registration at a reduced rate of $100.

Members who have made a donation in the past year will receive an additional registration discount!  Non-donors who only submit the application fee must pay the full registration fee. Members can make a donation prior to submitting a proposal or registering to receive the discount!

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Registration will open January 1, 2021.  Please check back then!

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