We have been able to generate a schedule based upon the presenters who have already registered to present or have indicated a desire to attend. Know that this schedule will likely shift some as presenters confirm participation. Should the schedule need to be shifted for any reason, only times will shift and presenter dates will not change without permission from the presenter. Presenter details will posted after the Early Bird registration deadline has passed and presenter attendance is confirmed.

You can view the schedule in its evolving state at any time here.

Below are links to the various categories of events which will be available to all attendees. Click on the corresponding link for additional details about the presentations in each category.

Scholarly Presentations – Provides dance researchers a forum to share their scholarly research though presentation opportunities. Scholarly Paper Presentations are grouped together by the Conference committee with other paper presentations of complimentary subject matter. Paper presentations should run no more than 20-25 minutes each. Each grouping of presenters will be followed by a short period for questions and dialogue at the end of each group session.

Pecha Kucha – A format in which 20 slides are timed to be shown each for 20 seconds (no more than 7 minutes total). Scholars who have developed a strong research focus but are in the beginning processes of writing and presenting their research are encouraged to present in this format. This format is especially good for graduate students wanting to clarify research purpose statements and gather feedback and possible insights from other researchers. Scholars whose first language is not English may find this format useful since the key points can be placed on slides.

Panel Discussions – Groups of three or more individual presenters may propose a panel presentation of 75 minutes. Panelists may allocate the time as they see fit for the purposes of their panel, but any question and answer time must be included in the 75 minute allocation.

Master Classes and Workshops – 75 minutes in length. Instructors will have the opportunity to present a focused learning experience in a studio or outdoor setting to participants on a subject in which they have knowledge and expertise.

Choreographic Labs – An opportunity for choreographers to set/reset a work on participants who volunteer on the first day of the Assembly.  The work or work-in-progress is rehearsed daily and will be presented on the final days of the Conference & Festival in a site-specific location.

Performances – Performances will be presented from dance artists working in a variety of genres including culturally specific styles.