Assembly Presenter’s Guide

Please make sure that emails are listed as safe by your email application.  All correspondence should be directed to the WDA-Americas representative you have been working with or to Note we are completely volunteer run and will get back to you as we are able!

All presenters need to familiarize themselves with the WDA-Americas Assembly general expectations and guidelines below, as well as the specific expectations and guidelines for the type of presentation event they are presenting through the links at the bottom of this page.

These expectations and guidelines are part of the agreement with the University and developed so that all presenters have a fair and equal share in the facilities and time WDA-Americas was able to obtain for the events.

It is the responsibility of the presenter(s) to regularly check this website for any changes to information and to fully familiarize themselves and adhere to the guidelines and expectations!

Click on the below links for additional information about the expectations and guidelines for each type of presentation format:

General Notes for All Presenters

Scholarly Presentations

Pecha Kucha Presentations

Panel Presentations

Master Class & Workshop Presentations

Choreographic Laboratory Presentations

Performance Presentations


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