Housing and Transportation

Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)
School of Arts and Humanities / Dance Program

Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

August 7-12, 2016

Moving Interactions:  Dancing through In-Between Spaces

Cholula is located in the center west of the state of Puebla in the Valley of Puebla, 122 km east of Mexico City and eight km west of Puebla. The area has a temperate climate with an average temperature of between 18 and 20C. May is the warmest month with averages between 20 and 22C. There is a rainy season that lasts from May to October.


Round Trip Tickets from the U.S. to Mexico City run from 350 -500 dollars or so. Flights from European destinations can run from 700 to 1500 dollars. Flights to Puebla can be higher. Continental Airlines flies directly to Puebla from Houston, Texas or alternatively there is a direct bus service to either the 4 Poniente in Puebla (1 hour 45 minutes) from the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City. This bus costs 290 pesos (approximately 15 U.S. dollars) each way.

Puebla is a city of 2 million people located 120 km east of Mexico City. It has a national airport but with reduced traffic. Practically all foreign visitors arrive through Mexico City International Airport.

Bus schedules

There is comfortable bus service by “Estrella Roja” which runs from Mexico City airport to the city of Puebla. These leave from the airport zone E-1, one floor above the International Arrivals. Search the sign “zona de autobuses” and go through the tunnel. The fare is 290 pesos The ride takes about two hours (really 1:45 depending on traffic). Those wanting to see the volcanoes (once outside the optically thick Mexico City’s atmosphere) should sit on the right hand side of the bus.

Buses arrive to the Puebla bus station of “4 Poniente” located nearer to Puebla’s downtown. The last bus from the airport to Puebla/”4 Poniente” is at 23.30 hrs. Please click here for a complete timetable.

Little map of the Puebla area: http://www.inaoep.mx/~ws2006/imagenes/mapa_llegar.gif


As of January 21, 2016

  • 1.00 USD = 18.72 MXN
  • 1.00 EUR = 20.31 MXN

As is always true with money, rates could change, but these conversions are relatively stable. Check http://www.xe.com/ucc/ for more up-to-date rates.

Local Transportation

Buses cost 8 pesos. They can take you from UDLAP to San Pedro Cholula, where most of the hotels are (7 minutes) or to Puebla (25 minutes) for the same fee. A taxi to the centro historico of Puebla costs about 100 pesos. It also costs about that to get to and from the bus station. A taxi to the center of Cholula from UDLAP should be about 40 pesos and about 80 round trip.


You can use Uber App at Mexico City and Puebla. The fares in Puebla are:

  • UBERX: Fare base: $6.50 pesos + $1.70 pesos x minute + $3.10 pesos x kms
  • UBERBlack: Fare Base: $30 pesos + $3.40 pesos x minute + $7.30 pesos x kms

A note about taxis

Most taxis are very safe, but they don’t work with meters. You negotiate the price before you get in the car. While sometimes the taxi people can take advantage of the foreigner, and charge a slightly higher rate, the majority of the taxis in the Puebla area don’t present such problems. In Cholula and Puebla, Taxi Fam is a reputable company that provides a professional service. The telephone number is 01 800 822 22 22. It’s free to call!

This is not true however in Mexico City and you should be very careful when taking taxis in Mexico City. Not only are they apt to overcharge you, they could rob you and hurt you. Please, get a SITIO (secure taxi called by phone. One reliable service is TAXI EJECUTIVO at 56601122) or ride the subway (metro). It costs three pesos a ride and is very convenient and safe. A very good way to see Mexico City. Efficient and effective.

Map of the Mexico City Metro


Hostal San Andres UDLAP

Villas Arqueologicas

Standard Bedroom
1 Queen and 1 single bed
Max. 3 adults
945.40 Pesos
1 King Size and 1 Queen Size
1,850.00 Pesos


Janet Sánchez – Ventas Cholula ventascholula@villasmex.com
Janet Sánchez Pérez | Gerente de Ventas Cholula | Teléfono: +52 (222) 273-7900 – 06 | móvil: +52 (222) 118-8455 | janet835

Posada Señorial

2 persons
2 Queen beds
From Sunday to Thursday: 700 pesos
Friday and Saturday: 750 pesos4 persons
2 Queen beds
From Sunday to Thursday: 800 pesos
Friday and Saturday: 850 pesosAv. 5 de Mayo 1400
San Andrés Cholula Puebla CP. 72810
Teléfonos: 01 800 822.23.02
(01 222) 247.00.49
(01 222) 247.66.77
(01 222) 247.74.79 Ext. 100

Hotel Las Americas

Single Bedroom
1 person: 260 pesos per night
2 persons: 300 pesos per night

1 Person: 310 per night
2 Persons: 350 pesos per night

King Size
1 Person: 330 pesos per night
2 Persons: 390 pesos per night

2 Persons: 480 pesos per night
3 Personas: 520 pesos per night

Calle 14 Oriente 6, San Juan Aquiahuac, 72810 San Andrés Cholula, Pue. Teléfono: 01 222 247 0991


Hostal Cascabel

1 bedroom with 4 single beds and shared bathroom
150 pesos per night
200 pesos per nightPrivate bedrooms for 2 persons, bathroom inside.
500 pesos breakfast included
400 pesos without breakfastHostal el Cascabel
Cinthia Lozada & Stoffel Moenaert
8 Norte # 600 San Andrés Cholula
+52 22 22 61 66 06

Hostal Pulkito, pulques y mezcales

1 bedroom with 6 single beds
80 pesos per night

Hostal del Pulque

Estrella de Belem B&B & SPA

“…un lugar de descanso para aquellas personas que viajan sin prisa…”
2 oriente 410. Col. Centro. San Pedro Cholula.
Puebla. C.P. 72760. Tel. +52 222 2611925 Fax. +52
222 26117251 bedroom with 2 queen beds
1,990 pesos
Breakfast included


Information Source: http://www.performatica.org/transportation_eng.php