Panel Discussion Proposals

One of the key intents behind WDA-Americas Conference and Festival is to provide dancers from all backgrounds a forum to share dialogues though panel presentations and discussions. To this end, spaces have been reserved for presenters to utilize to this end. Panel presentations and discussions will be open to registered participants of the WDA-A Conference and Festival.

All proposals must be submitted and presentations conducted in English, unless the presenters can provide their own translator. Groups of three or more individual presenters may propose a panel presentation. We encourage presenters to include PowerPoint visual aids to enhance the communication of ideas as a projector and screen will be available (presenters must provide their own laptop and VGA adapter). Panelists will have 90 minutes to organize and utilize as they see fit, including time for questions and discussion.

The online application for Panel Discussion Proposals will require the following information:

  1. one person designated as the contact point for the panel; mailing address; each presenter’s name, title, phone number, institutional affiliation (if applicable), and e-mail address;
  2. an abstract  summarizing the topic, methodology and research to date, and indicating how the proposal relates to the Assembly’s theme (no more than a total of 500 words – in whatever format is appropriate to the needs of the panel); and
  3. a brief bio of each panel participant (no more than 150 words in length each);

If a proposal is accepted, the abstract and bios will be included in the Conference & Festival Assembly Event Guide. All participants receive this guide to assist them in determining which of the myriad events occurring throughout the week they wish to attend. Please take time to craft the abstract and bios carefully. Descriptions and bios which exceed the stated length will not be considered.  All identifying information will be redacted prior to the blind review process.

Panel Discussion Proposal applications will be reviewed by the WDA-A Research and Documentation Network & Conference Committee for consideration of inclusion in the Panel Discussion series.

Click on the appropriate link below designating your WDA membership status and submit your application:

WDA-Americas Member
(Make sure you are logged in before selecting the above link).


Other WDA Regional Member
(All memberships will be verified with the corresponding region’s administration.)


Non-WDA Member
($30 application fee required or you may join WDA here.)