Choreographic Lab Proposal

The WDA-A Conference and Festival offers participants the opportunity to teach and participate in various choreographic labs throughout the week.

Choreographic labs are intended to provide a forum to set/reset a work on the Conference and Festival Assembly participants during daily rehearsals. The final work or work-in-progress will be presented on the final day of the Assembly in a studio or site-specific location where Festival and Conference participants will be able to view what was created during the week.

The online application for Choreographic Lab Proposals will require the following information:

  1. choreographer’s name, title, phone number, institutional affiliation (if applicable), mailing address, e-mail address, and title of choreographic lab;
  2. a six-minute maximum video excerpt or sample of the work, shared via an online link. The online video work does not have to be of a completed work or professionally produced, but must represent the work that is being considered for inclusion in the Choreography Lab series.  The video in tandem with the artist’s abstract, must provide the reviewers with a comprehensive sense for the flow and breadth of the work. Please do not include identifying information such as choreographer, company, performer names, etc. in the video excerpt or webpage to ensure reviewers are able to appropriately blind review the submission;
  3. an abstract that provides a summary of your practice and choreographic approach, including how these reflect on the Assembly theme. Explain what the participants can expect to experience and the level of experience needed to participate in the choreographic lab (no more than 250 words in length); and
  4. a brief choreographer’s bio (no more than 150 words in length);

If a proposal is accepted, the abstract and bio will be included in the Conference & Festival Assembly Event Guide. All participants receive this guide to assist them in determining which of the myriad events occurring throughout the week they wish to attend. Please take time to craft the abstract and bio carefully. Descriptions and bios which exceed the stated length will not be considered.  All identifying information will be redacted prior to the blind review process.

Choreographic Lab Proposal applications will be reviewed by the WDA-A Creation & Presentation Network and the Conference Committee for consideration of inclusion in the Choreographic Lab series.

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