Moderator Schedule & Responsibilities

For location of room assignments, visit the Schedule of Events!

All moderators’ bios are in conference guides.

Questions? Contact Linda at

Monday, July 27

1:30-3:00: Room 1: Emily Wright Room 2: Mary Jane Warner Room 3: Linda Caldwell
3:30-5:00: Room 1: Gdalit Neuman Room 2: Zihao Li Room 3: None needed

Tuesday, July 28

11:00-12:30: Room 1: Mila Thigpen Room 2: Mary Jane Warner Room 3: Linda Caldwell
1:30-3:00: Panels in Lecture Hall 1 and 2 need no moderators – they have been contacted
3:30-5:00: Room 1: Lyn Wiltshire Room 2: Ilana Goldman Room 3: Robin Conrad

Wednesday, July 29

11:00-12:30: Lecture Hall 1 for Pecha Kuchas: Linda Caldwell
3:30-5:00: Room 1: Rose Martin Room 2: Evadne Kelly Room 3: None needed

Thursday, July 30

11:00-12:30: Room 1: Sherri Segovia Room 2: April Nakaima Room 3: Tara Munjee

All moderators need to be in their assigned rooms at least 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin. Presenters have been instructed to also be early in order to upload their presentations on the computers for easy access.  A technician will be available to cover lecture halls and rooms if there are any problems.


  • Makes sure that there are no more audience members than there are seats in the room,
  • Requests that people do not enter or leave any session in the middle of a presentation,
  • Requests that all cell phones are turned off,
  • Relates to audience the format of the presentations: 30 minutes for each presenter with 30 minutes of discussion after presentations,
  • Introduces each presenter from a summary of the bios in event guide – be sure to check the pronunciation of any unfamiliar names,
  • Makes sure each presenter stays within the 30-minute time frame,
  • Makes sure questions are handled in an orderly and civil fashion without too much time directed to one question if other questions are waiting,
  • Tries to keep discussion moving through insights noted during the presentations – is prepared to kick start discussion if needed, and
  • Thanks presenters and audience for sharing their research and discussion a little before session is scheduled to end.


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