Choreographic Labs

An opportunity for choreographers to set/reset a work on participants who volunteer on the first day of the Assembly.  The work or work-in-progress is rehearsed daily and will be presented on the final day of the Conference & Festival in a studio or site-specific location.

Falon Baltzell - Headshot“Spatial Landscape: A Distilled Vision.”

Falon Baltzell, Director of Upper School Dance
Hathaway Brown School, USA

Space in dance is an illusion; yet what we, as viewers, pay attention to influences how space is made visible. Ultimately, space becomes distilled into a vision. The visibility of space is as important a choreographic tool as movement itself. This choreographic lab will focus on creating spatial designs by exploring elements within the spatial landscape. WDA dancers will gather to create a short piece focusing on this year’s theme (Spaces and Places: Exploring Dance Narratives through Alternate Lenses) to be presented on the final day of the assembly. Dancers will work in groups to investigate movement design through choreographic devices that define the space. This lab encourages communal problem solving, creating, and playing. Participants will investigate how spatial landscapes may inform choreographic practice to convey meaning. Dancers with previous choreographic experience are encouraged to participate.

Falon Baltzell, a native Mississippian, is a dance artist who has premiered choreography in NY State, OH, NYC, and PA. Baltzell’s works have been commissioned by the Society of New Music, OH Dance Festival, Cincy Fringe, and Cleveland Public Theatre. Baltzell is the recipient of a 2014 Teacher Fellowship at Bates Dance Festival, and six consecutive summer-study scholarships for the Bill Evans Teachers’ Intensive. She has performed for Bill Evans Dance Company and her own work in FB Dance. Baltzell is a certified Evans Teacher, holds a K-12 Teacher Licensure, received her BFA in Dance Education and MFA in Performance and Choreography. She has taught choreography and modern dance technique during American College Dance Festivals, and presented scholarly research in Mississippi and NY. Baltzell is currently dividing her time as the Director of Upper School Dance at Hathaway Brown School and developing her choreographic artistry as an independent choreographer.

Reconstructing Dance via the Viewpoints Emerging from the Judson Church Group in NYC

Choreographic Lab Leaders: Tanya Kane-Parry, USA and  Fatima Wachowicz, Australia

Integrating the exploratory tools of the Viewpoints to create real-time, inter-related, spatially connected choreography.

With its origins in the Judson Church group in NYC, Yvonne Rainer’s early exploration of deconstructing dance was further developed by Barbara Dilley, and then articulated into a specific vocabulary, called The Viewpoints, by Mary Overlie. Later, theatre director Anne Bogart and her company SITI began sharing this work throughout the national and international theatre community as a way to utilize these tools when generating connected ensembles. Now bringing these tools back to the dance world, Fatima Wachowicz and Tanya Kane-Parry will share the lineages, tools, and insights with WDA-A Choreo-Lab participants. Participants can experience an exciting and versatile ensemble, explore new approaches of improvisation, create dance engagements between the body in Space and Time, and experience dance through modes and lenses that allow the group to function together spontaneously and intuitively. No prior training or experience necessary. All levels of dancers/choreographers are welcome.

Tanya Kane-Parry - HeadshotTanya Kane-Parry is a choreographer and director in opera, theatre, and dance; and the Artistic Director of the performance group Opera del Espacio based in Los Angeles. Recent credits include: Civil Wars with the LA Philharmonic and LA Master Choral at Disney Hall; The Wall: A Musical Misdeed multimedia experimental opera with The Chamber Players of Los Angeles; the premiere of Private in Public at the SoCal Dance Invitational Concert, Huntington Beach; and the remount of Shredded at the 2015 ACDA Baja Region conference. She has led Viewpoints workshops in Russia, France, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and around the U.S., including the recent ACDA Baja Region 2015 conference. She has an upcoming shared concert this October 2015 at Highways Performance Space. Tanya is a professor of dance and theatre at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

Fatima Wachowicz - HeadshotFatima Wachowicz is a Brazilian teacher, dancer, and performer. During her lifetime she studied ballet, Laban Movement Analysis, modern and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, choreographic composition, and drama. She studied with Leda Muhana, Regina Miranda, David Zambrano, Frey Faust, Alito Alessi, Martin Keogh, and Donnie Mather. She has been teaching dance at universities in Brazil for 7 years, and she is currently teaching at Federal University of Bahia/School of Dance. Since 2009, she has used the experimental methods of Viewpoints and Contact Improvisation to investigate cognitive processes in creating and performing dance. Over the last few years, she performed SINTONIA in São Paulo; Performática 2011, in Mexico; 1st. Arte ao Vivo Rio ao Vivo/2011, in Rio de Janeiro; the Story of Creative, an International Exhibition, at See.Me Exhibition Space, New York/2013; and Scope Miami Beach, Miami/2013. She is currently a Postdoctoral fellow at The MARCS Institute at the University of Western Sydney-Australia.

Chun-Yu Lin - Headshot“Somewhere There.”

Choreographic Lab Leader: Chun-Yu Lin, Taiwan

Cross-cultural dance experiences, specifically language and culture, and the native body vocabularies and various aspects of contemporary dance styles have evoked my interest in the relationship between urban space and body. I am interested in how spatial and life experience have accumulated to create who I have become today.

In this choreo-lab, we will explore the themes: How does the spatial experience influences us? How can the body and movement of the body become a cross-cultural entity? The participants will provide their own stories of spatial memories and self-generated movement vocabularies which will be crafted into the final presentation. My choreographic process will include set movement, improvisation, and partnering work. The movement qualities will be both physical and theatrical. This lab is recommend for dancers who have strong modern technique, confidence and creativity in performance, but most importantly, passion and willingness to share their love for dance.

Somewhere There is a piece I choreographed in 2013 based on this type of exploration, which was supported by The National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan. It is a story based on my personal experiences while traveling to different regions and between cities. It is about the relationship between body and space through different periods of the urban experience, in which memories are evoked through the body.

Chun-Yu Lin is an independent dancer, choreographer and dance instructor based in Taiwan. She received her BFA from the California Institute of the Arts and is currently a graduate student at the School of Dance in Taipei National University of the Arts. Chun-Yu has danced professionally for Sun-Shier Dance Theatre(Taiwan), Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company(USA), La Companyia(Spain), and many others. As an emerging choreographer, her works have been performed at Sun-Shier Dance Showcase, International Benicassim Festival, REDCAT and The Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theater. In 2013, Chun-Yu received funding from The National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan to support her personal choreographic research, titled “Somewhere There”.




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