The Schedule of Events is posted below.

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To view details of each of the presentations in the Schedule of Events,
please visit the “Event Guide – List of Activities” page.

Be advised that due to the complexity of the approved requested scheduling needs and the close date of the Conference & Festival, we can no longer accept additional scheduling requests.

Schedule  changes will not be made unless: 1) there is a mistake in a previously confirmed scheduling request, 2) the presenter submits updated description information (which will not change the time), or 3) an unforeseen issue needs to be resolved. A revised  schedule will be posted periodically, as needed, to update attendees of changes that have been coordinated with presenters and approved by the committee.

Presenters, please check both of the links below for your presentation time and locations.  The below links will take you to either a download or a view of the document in PDF format.  If have viewing difficulties or  find any conflicts, errors, or issues, please notify immediately.

Performers, note that your performance date is the same day as your Tech-time and the order of the concert will be the same as your tech order.