Conference & Festival Registration


Please review the registration information below for the WDA-A Conference & Festival.

Individual classes and day passes will be available at the Registration Table located in the Dance Centre’s Main Lobby during the week for those who wish to attend select segments of the Conference & Festival.

  • Individual Class/Presentation Passes – $10 each
  • Day Pass – $40 (does not include evening concert)


If you are interested in attending the entire Conference & Festival, please e-mail and we will send you a registration invoice for the Conference & Festival.

When an attendee indicates their intent to participate, an invoice will be generated and sent from PayPal.  Payments can be completed by PayPal account, credit card, or check (instructions on invoice.)  See the below schedule for information about the  registration timeline and fees.

The 2013 WDA-Americas Festival & Conference will include: An opening ceremony celebrating WDA-Americas 20th Anniversary, five fully produced evening concerts; a diverse array of scholarly research presentations, classes, and panel discussions held throughout the week; WDA-Americas Network meetings; and choreography labs in which those that choose to participate will rehearse daily and present at a fully produced afternoon concert during the closing ceremony.

We will be accepting registrations for the conference & festival in three phases:

  • April 1-30:  Initial invited proposal applicants may register.
  • May 1- June 30:   Invited wait-list applicants may begin to register and the initial invited proposal applicants may continue to register.  Spaces will be awarded on a first registered basis until all available spaces are filled. We will also open general registration to Non-presenting WDA members and the general public.
  • July 1+:      Open registration continues for Non-presenting WDA members, and the general public.

All individuals presenting or participating must register for the conference & festival and each must pay the registration fee.  The registration fee includes each individual’s ability to attend any concert, scholarly research presentation, panel discussion, class, and audition for the choreography labs.  Due to limitations dictated by studio or room size and insurance regulations, attendance to each event will be on a first-come basis.  When the studio or theatre for any of the events reaches capacity, doors will be closed.

We have made every effort to minimize the cost to attend and due to the wonderful expressed interest are able to offer participants a very generous rate.  Participants may register for WDA membership in order to receive the membership rate, but must do so PRIOR to registering for the event.  Please visit for more information about how to become a member.  Active membership status is determined by your annual contribution.  If you are uncertain of your membership status, please send your inquiry to

Below is the chart of the registration rates (All amounts are expressed in USD$ currency):

WDA Member
Individual Non-Member Individual Student Group DCA Joined Registration
Registration $150 $250 $100 See Note 1 below. See Note 2 below.

To be eligible for the student rate, a student must be currently participating in an educational program with a valid Student ID.  Students must scan and e-mail a copy of their ID to to receive the student rate.  If a group consists of students, the group my elect either to take the group discount or the standard individual and student rates, but not both.

Note 1: Group rates only apply to panel teams and performing groups.  Each participant of the team or group must register to present.  The discount noted will be applied to either the early or late registration fee accordingly. The group rate structure is as follows:

  • 25% off for each participant in a team or group of 2-4 people
  • 40% off for each participant in a team or group of 5-10 people
  • 50% off for each participant in a team or group of over 10 people

Note 2: The Dance Critics Association (DCA) will also be holding their annual conference at the Dance Centre from August 2-4, 2013.   Registered WDA-A participants may attend their events! For more information regarding the DCA Conference visit: