WDA Information

WORLD DANCE ALLIANCE – ALLIANCE OF DANCE (WDA) is a global service organization founded in Japan in 1990, Which Provides information, support and communication junction Between Organizations and people related with Dance. The WDA Supports the work of dance Organizations, and Collaborates with Other groups of related disciplines. Its Assembly, the WDA Promotes the exchange experience Between people, groups, Communities and nations Involved With The Dance.

The WDA encourages the awareness of the Importance of Understanding and dance as art, as traditional ritual expressions, such as recreation and leisure activities in Communities THROUGHOUT the world. Also Promotes the protection of dance repertoire in all dance forms, Preserving it in writing, Recorded or other media.

In the WDA Global Event 2010 That Took Place in New York, the Executive Committee Gallusser Encouraged Sabrina Castillo, Director of the Center for Dance and  Movement Research at the University Rafael Landivar, to host the 2011 event. The Dance Centre and the University Rafael Landivar Took the challenge, With The support of the Executive Committee-Americas.

The main Objective of the annual event of the WDA-Americas Section is to encourages a broad participation and exchange Between dance professionals and other related professionals, by sharing Their Knowledge, experience, resources and / or information in all areas of dance.


The World Dance Alliance / Americas previous events:
1. New York, USA (1993)
2. Mexico City (1995)
3. Vancouver, Canada (1997)
4. Philadelphia, USA (1999)
5. San Jose, Costa Rica (2001)
6. St. Domingo, Dominican Republic (2003) *
7. Mexico City (2005) **
8. Salvador de Bahia, Brazil (2007) ***
9. Wisconsin, USA (2009) ****

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