General Information

From August 11-14, 2011, the World Dance Alliance / Americas (WDA) in affiliation With The Center for Dance and Movement Research (Dance and Movement Investigation Centre) of Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatemala, will host the World Dance Alliance 2011 Convention under the theme DANCE: Weaving life with movement. From this slogan, the 2011 convention will be an art-academy encourages a broad That event participation and exchange Between dance professionals and other related professionals who work in building human, harmonic-through movement and creative societies provided and dance.

This convention is open to dance Researchers, dancers, dance teachers, choreographers, artists in the performing arts and community arts education teachers at all Levels, and Cultural Administrators and Managers That everybody will like to Get Involved With The Knowledge, reflection and exploration of dance In Its Many facets.

The 2011 convention will take place WDA at the Training Centre of the Spanish cooperation (Training Centre-Spanish cooperation CFCE-) in Antigua Guatemala, and on the campus of the Universidad Rafael Landivar URL-in Guatemala City. The academic program will count With The participation of professional dancers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, United States, Canada, Spain and Taiwan. These Participants will Share with Their Knowledge and Experiences Attendees-through presentations, lectures, forums, workshops and conferences. Also, there will be two performances, one in Antigua Guatemala and the other in the framework of the anniversary of the historic center of Guatemala City; They will show the work of choreographers from the United States, Taiwan, Bolivia and Guatemala. DURING the event the Executive Board Meeting WDA / Americas Will Be Held as well.