Academic Content

The subjects to be approached During The assembly 2011 are as FOLLOWS:

1) Community Dance: This theme includes research and / or field Experience with dance in community and Its Benefits to diverse groups and societies. From this perspective, this section includes research and Also Experiences with traditional dances.

2) Teaching the teachers:

  • This theme includes research and / or Practical experience related to content and practice in teaching and teacher training programs dancers For Those who teach dance students and dancers, from beginners to professional level.
  • Also it includes research and / or Practical Experience with dance in the K – 12 Curriculum at school settings. In Addition, research and / or Practical experience related to dance in Education with Different Populations would be considered.

3) The status of the artist: This theme ASKs Participants to look at policy, legislation, Organizations, networking, Experiences in Struggle and success, Improvements in the Conditions of the artists and the Development of the Arts in Different Countries of North, Central and South America.

While the Event Certainly welcomes Proposals Which address issues of the theme DANCE: Weaving life with movement, paper, panel, class, forum and performance Proposals need not be limited to or by the Event’s theme, Which Should Be Considered as a catalyst for discussion Rather than a restraint.