2010 Global Summit – New York, USA


Viewing and Reviewing Contemporary Dance Practice

World Dance Alliance Global Event
July 12th – July 17th 2010

hosted by the World Dance Alliance-Americas
in affiliation with DTW Guest Artist Series,
University of Wisconsin-Madison
NYU, Steinhardt, Dance Education Program

at Dance Theater Workshop (DTW) and the Kimmel Center (NYU/Steinhardt)
in conjunction with the 2010 Dance Critics Association Conference




Instantes del deseo, created and performed by Ulises Martinez Martinez (Photo by Roberto Serrano)

 The World Dance Alliance Global Dance Event was a conference and festival which will brought together an international cohort of over 300 dance artists, scholars, educators, and students, including individuals and groups from more than 30 countries as well as from around the United States. The Event featured numerous concert programs, paper and panel presentations, master classes, and workshops. The Event’s theme In Time Together: Viewing and Reviewing Contemporary Dance Practice encouraged broad investigation of relationships between dance and temporality. The theme particularly emphasized the contemporary– con-/together + tempus/time. However, it also sought to raise questions of how dance, often characterized as the most ephemeral or immediate of art forms and cultural practices, negotiates and has negotiated time. As such, the Event urged participants to view and review—to inspect and reconsider— the many different modes of experiencing dance, which include but are not
limited to performing, choreographing, teaching, scoring, notating, watching, remembering, documenting, reviewing, describing, evaluating, and writing. The Event took place in conjunction with the Dance Critics Association’s annual conference in an effort to increase dialogue between artists and critics

WDA-Americas’ presentation of the WDA Global Dance Event In Time Together: Viewing and Reviewing Contemporary Dance Practice at Dance Theater Workshop was made possible through Dance Theater Workshop’s Guest Artist Series. The Guest Artist Series is a comprehensive rental program benefiting a diverse group of dance and theater companies and producing organizations interested in self-producing their work at Dance Theater Workshop.