Class: The Porous Body with Louis Laberge-Côté

Sunday, April 25, 2021 @ 10:00 am CST

“The Porous Body” will be an improvisation-based workshop open to all, regardless of previous dance experience. Through a series of somatic, meditative, and mental imagery games, we will explore the non-fixity of our minds and bodies while fostering the ability to enjoy working with paradox and impossibility. How might the conscious cultivation of contradiction within one’s physical practice foster an understanding of deep-rooted collaboration within oneself? How might this embodied experience of cooperation within paradox contribute to a more compassionate society? By listening to our bodies, we will nurture an empathic atmosphere where we’ll investigate the dance between light/dark, inner/outer, and bound/unbound, searching for a heightened sense of vibrancy, delicacy, poetry, resilience, and creativity. We will explore how we can relate to, connect with, and blur the borders between various types of space around us – intimate, virtual, physical, imagined, and global.

Louis Laberge-Côté is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) since July 2018, and a freelance dancer, choreographer, teacher, and rehearsal director. An acclaimed performer, he has danced nationally and internationally with over thirty companies and has been a full-time member of Toronto Dance Theatre (1999-2007) and the Kevin O’Day Ballett Nationaltheater Mannheim (2009-2011). He holds an MFA in Creative Practice from the University of Plymouth (UK). His research is centered on contemporary dance and somatic training. His writings have been published in the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, Choreographic Practices, The Dance Current, the International Dance Council Online Library, and the Calgary Beacon and shared by schools, universities, and blogs in Canada and abroad.

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