Class: The Elemental Nature of the Body – A Continuum Workshop with Elaine Colandrea & Rori Smith

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 @ 2:00 pm CST

Craft an embodied understanding of the four elements, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, through the somatic awareness practice of Continuum. Continuum breath, sound, and fluid movement slow perception, so that sensations from deep within our living tissues emerge, leading to a sense of wholeness and belonging with nature. By investigating the vital chemistry of all life, we can move with empowerment, creativity, and courage, manifesting meaningful contributions in the world. The workshop will take place on the floor, standing, and/or seated in a chair. A supportive surface (mat or blanket) is recommended for floorwork. We will tune into our bodies through guided breathing and sounding practices. This preparation will lead to the exploration of movement patterns from nature – spiral and waves, folding and unfolding, branching,  and more. This class is appropriate for and inclusive of all bodies and all levels of movement experience.

Dancers, choreographers, and movement educators Elaine Colandrea and Rori Smith are co-authors of the forthcoming somatic workbook: The Elemental Nature of the Body. Elaine Colandrea, a long-time Continuum teacher, is Artistic Director of Watermark Arts, an endeavor that brings together somatic practice and artistic expression. Collaborator and Continuum apprentice Rori Smith serves on the Watermark Arts Creative Team. Elaine Colandrea, invited presenter at ISMETA, Omega Institute, and Shantigar Foundation, holds an MA in dance education from Columbia University. Rori Smith earned an MFA in performance and choreography from Temple University. At the 2017 World Dance Alliance Global Summit, she directed a site-specific choreolab.


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