Class: Motional Literacy with Ariel Rivka Dance

ARD’s Motional Literacy workshop offers an experience to work through stressors, physical & emotional pain, collaboration & inclusion, & creative blocks. Introducing simple movement technique & vocabulary helps participants apply its benefits to personal & professional development. The workshop teaches skills & tools to achieve an “embodied vulnerability”.

Motional Literacy guidelines:

  • Open. Practice how to fully “show up,” embrace an open mindset, and achieve a posture of inclusion & understanding.
  • Lengthen. Use simple alignment techniques & movement efficiency to activate an individual’s internal resources & innate strengths.
  • Make Space. Tools and exercises to help find space for mental & creative growth.
  • Yield. Use physicality & awareness to better navigate the virtual work environment.
  • Reset. Tools for re-grounding & tips to turn attention back to the self.

Elements incorporate movement experientials based in classical, educational, medical, & therapeutic techniques.

This workshop is open level and no experience needed. Arts Administrators to company dancers and children are all welcome.

Additionally, we would like to note that this workshop has been presented to professionals at Google and Banyan Global Learning for ages 4-6 virtually. The program is adaptable and has many adds-ons that can support learning for any level or age group. For a list please visit movement experientials weblink.

Ariel Rivka Dance (ARD) is a critically acclaimed all-female contemporary dance company based in New Jersey led by Artistic/Executive Director Ariel Grossman. ARD’s mission is to champion female creatives through original choreography, commissioned music, and curated family and educational programming. Drawing from Grossman’s personal experiences as a Jewish woman, mother and choreographer, the company shares stories that resonate with a broad audience. 

ARD is committed to bringing high caliber dance education and experiences to all who have a desire to move. Our certified teachers bring specialized dance classes to a variety of populations including senior citizens, children and adults with special needs, in settings from private schools, to nursing homes and men and women’s shelters. Acknowledging the needs of the students, ARD customizes the outreach program to fit the interests and abilities of the students.

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