Class: Dancing the Philosophies of Katherine Dunham with Molly Christie Gonzalez

Sunday, April 25, 2021 @ 2:00 pm CST

The Dunham Model, based on Katherine Dunham’s philosophies, provides an anti-racist anthropological approach to dance research, choreography and teaching. In this experimental workshop, we will embody and explore Dunham philosophies through a basic Dunham Technique class, while reflecting upon the physical, cultural and social components that contribute towards it being a wholistic and culturally relevant technique and pedagogy. In small groups we will discuss the artistic, cultural and bodily values that are consciously or unconsciously reinforced (or erased) in our bodies, through the movement practices we embody, teach and create with. We will share methods of integrating a diasporic approach to teaching, choreographing and researching, and discover ways that we can support each other in our growth as anti-racist artist/scholars, while building a framework of both individual and collective responsibility.

Molly Christie Gonzalez is Assistant Professor of Dance/Dance Education at UMass Amherst & Five College Dance, where she’s a Teaching for Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity Faculty Fellow. She has presented her research on Katherine Dunham at the Dance Studies Association, African Studies Association, Collegium for African Diasporic Dance, and National Dance Educators Organization conferences, among others. She holds an MFA in Dance Performance/Choreography & MA in Dance Education with Pre-K-12 Teacher Certification from the College at Brockport, and a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of the Arts. Molly’s teaching philosophy, choreography, and research is grounded in thirty-plus years of experience in Katherine Dunham Technique and Philosophies. She was certified by Ms. Dunham in 2003 as a teacher of her technique, and is Chair of the Academic Exam Committee, Co-Chair of the Pedagogy Committee, and faculty for the Institute for Dunham Technique Certification, an international teacher certification program.

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