A special feature of WDA is its international network of both emerging and experienced dance professionals dedicated to furthering dance as a global human phenomenon. Within our regional WDAA, the following networks provide a platform for communication and action:

  • Education and Training Network: brings together teachers of diverse dance traditions, techniques, and methodologies. This network also includes other dance professions such as writers, publicists, dance health practitioners, and lobbyists.
  • Research and Documentation Network:  supports and initiates projects that engage contemporary insights into dance as a vibrant part of diverse scholarly and artistic conversations. The network regularly publishes journals, books and conference proceedings, and encourages members to participate in writing, editing, and reviewing for these publications. It also encourages publications in differing formats and languages whilst maintaining English as the lingua franca for communication. Individual projects proposed by members addressing the heritage and future of dance, including ideas for implementation, are encouraged and supported through this network.  
  • Support and Development Network: creates and implements plans of action for generating funding, new membership, and new initiatives for the World Dance Alliance within each region and as a global organization.  As part of this mission, we develop initiatives that mentor the next generation of dance professionals in leadership roles within the WDAA.