World Dance Alliance (WDA) was initially founded at the Hong Kong International Dance Conference in 1990 by Carl Wolz who worked tirelessly developing and guiding the organization until his death in 2001.  Its mission is to serve as a primary voice for dance and dancers throughout the world, and to encourage the exchange of ideas and the awareness of dance in all its many forms.  The organization originally developed a strong regional center titled The Asia Pacific Dance Alliance.

The Asia Pacific Dance Alliance was changed to WDA Asia-Pacific to reflect its relationship to the future global body,  and by 1993 the regional center WDA Americas was formed.  WDA continues to reach out to independent regions without an organized center and is facilitating regional development in Europe and Africa.  Currently, WDA has over 500 members.

WDA Americas Ongoing Initiatives:

  • Raises dialogue on dance to an international level through our Assemblies and by our presence throughout the hemisphere
  • Gives dance a platform in cities and countries where Assemblies are held, such as:  New York City, NY (1993); Mexico City, Mexico (1995); Vancouver, B.C. (1997, 2013); Philadelphia, PA (1999); San José, Costa Rica (2001); Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2003); Mexico City, Mexico (2005); Toronto, Canada (2006);  Salvador, Brazil (2007); Madison, Wisconsin (2009);  New York City, NY (2010); Guatemala City, Guatemala (2011), Taipei, Taiwan (2012),  Angers, France (2014), and Honolulu, Hawaii (2015)
  • Assists in changing pension and tax laws in countries like Argentina, Canada, and Costa Rica to aid dance and dancers
  • Assists in the international exchange of companies, teachers, and dancers
  • Forms networks of people with similar interests and aims to help create a better future for dance and dancers
  • By our existence, helps empower dancers in member countries, often assisting individual choreographers and scholars
  • Annually co-sponsors International Dance Day (April 29) with the International Dance Committee of ITI / UNESCO