2019 International Young Choreographers Project: J’Sun Howard

For three weeks in July, I participated in the International Young Choreographers’ Project (IYCP) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It was an amazing experience to meet the seven other choreographers from around the world: four from Taiwan, one from Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia, as well as the staff, alumni, and current dancers of the Tso’s Dance Association. We all created new dance works on highly skilled pre-professional Taiwanese dancers. IYCP happens every two years. I joined World Dance Alliance-Americas fall 2018 and decided to apply for IYCP 2019. I encourage any dancemaker to join World Dance Alliance-Americas to go for this opportunity. Kaohsiung is a beautiful city with friendly people. I am already figuring how to go back! After ICYP Tso’s Dance Association has a summer intensive and they brought back two IYCP choreographers this summer, so there are future opportunities to continue one’s relationship with such a great organization. One thing I am looking for to is submitting the dance I made for ICYP 2019 to the World Alliance Asia-Pacific’s conference happening in Hong Kong 2020.  -J’Sun Howard

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